Do you perform background checks?

Unless you received an invitation from a registered organisation or laboratory, Clustermarket will activate every account after a successful registration as a safety measure for the whole community. The activation procedure might include a phone call, questions about the institution or company and a copy of official documents.

How can I trust the institution/person that wants to use my assets?

You will be able to communicate directly with the other party. Clustermarket also uses a review and testimonial system that builds trust within the community. The platform participants must review each other after each completed agreement, and the participants’ previous reviews are clearly visible on the platform.

How does Clustermarket ensure my privacy and security?

Clustermarket protects your information and is GDPR compliant. Please check www.clustermarket.com/privacy, www.clustermarket.com/terms and www.clustermarket.com/cookies for further information.

Am I guaranteed IP protection and confidentiality when working with labs on Clustermarket?

By agreeing to Clustermarket’s general terms, all participants take a legal pledge to guarantee IP protection and confidentiality. For further information please check www.clustermarket.com/terms.