Who is Clustermarket for? Can I also register as a private individual?

Clustermarket is for a diverse range of institutions and companies in science and engineering, from small start-ups and spin-outs to established institutions such as universities and big pharma.

Private individuals are not permitted to register on Clustermarket and must register as an employee or owner of a company/charity/government institution.

How do I register on Clustermarket correctly?

Clustermarket offers different accounts with varying functions and responsibilities to suit the type and size of your organisation. Please consult Figure 1 for a clearer breakdown of the distinctions between these accounts.

If you are unsure how to implement Clustermarket within your organisation, please don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing info@clustermarket.com.

Clustermarket gives companies and universities the possibility to manage unlimited laboratories/facilities and unlimited laboratory/facility members/users.

The following account levels are available:

Level 1 - Organisation Account:
● For example, a university’s consultancy/innovation department which deals with commercial activities can register an Organisation Account. This makes it easy for them to support and provide legal contracts to Level 2 accounts (Facilities/Labs).
● Alternatively, if the Head of School/Division/Institute registers as Organisation Admin, they can oversee all of his departments/facilities.
● For companies this could be someone in a leading position who oversees one or several labs.
● Whether you’re providing resources or seeking resources; have one employee or 1000 employees, everyone has to register an Organisation Account.

Level 2 - Laboratory Account:
A Lab or Facility Manager can register as a Laboratory Account. In the Sign Up process you need to select your organisation to set up a Lab Account for your organisation.

Level 3 - Lab Member
Researcher, Technician, Student Accounts can be invited by Level 1 + 2 accounts. There is no limit on how many you can invite to your organisation or laboratory. Level 1 + 2 accounts can activate, deactivate and limit access of Level 3 accounts.

Do I need Laboratory Accounts to invite and manage lab users or to upload and manage resources?

No, an Organisation Account has all the necessary functions and can manage one lab independently without relying on a Level 2 account.

Does Clustermarket assist with setting up the account(s)?

Yes, Clustermarket can advise you on how to set up accounts within your organisation/facility and Clustermarket is happy to share its past experiences with setting up other organisations.

Why haven’t I received any emails?

Sometimes automated emails can end up in your spam folder, so please check your spam folder first. If you still can’t find them, please send us an email at info@clustermarket.com to make sure that you will receive them in future.

I forgot my password, how can I reset it?

Below the two login fields at https://app.clustermarket.com/login, you can click on “Forgot Password?”. Then please follow the instructions on the website.