What does Clustermarket do?

Clustermarket is an online sharing platform for scientific equipment and technical services that aims to make research more affordable and scientists’ lives easier. The platform consists of an online marketplace with an integrated booking system for scientists to list, discover and request resources on demand. These resources can be shared within a lab, an institution or offered to external counterparties.

What is the difference between the marketplace and the booking system and what are internal and external activities

Within the marketplace scientists can share equipment and services with external companies and other scientists to increase commercial exposure. These activities are external and not limited to a specific industry or location.
Additionally, every Clustermarket user can use the booking system to manage all internal activities which include equipment bookings from colleagues or students.

What is the difference between equipment and services?

Equipment can be offered and booked against a fee clearly displayed on Clustermarket. Additionally, the customer’s visit to the provider’s lab can be combined with services such as training, a health and safety induction or even technical guidance, all of which can also be offered and booked via the platform.

Is the request complex?

You can generate an individual quote on the platform. The provider can also take care of the entire experiment and send the results back to the customer (more details under “requesting and offering”).

Why use Clustermarket?

1) You need scientific resources
Clustermarket provides access to state of the art equipment and high-quality services.

2) You want to save time and money
By using Clustermarket, you can save time, maintenance costs and high-capital expenses. As a startup, Clustermarket helps bridge the valley of death, while more established businesses have the opportunity to spend their R&D budget more efficiently.

3) You want an additional source of income
Renting out equipment or offering services via Clustermarket gives you an additional source of income, as well as proof that your machines are used efficiently for grant applications. As a lab manager, Clustermarket allows you to manage the equipment within your lab in terms of scheduling, availability, access rights and billing. Usage reports help you to stay informed and up to date.

4) You want increased visibility in your network
Clustermarket helps increase your research impact by allowing you to collaborate with innovative companies and academics.

5) You want legal and financial security
In addition to a general legal framework, contracts can be managed easily and payments are handled by Clustermarket to ensure a safe and streamlined process with minimal admin.

I do not want to provide equipment access or services to external customers. Is Clustermarket still for me?

How you use Clustermarket, whether internally and/or externally, is up to you. Check out the new lab management system Bookkit which is connected to the Clustermarket marketplace.

Can I provide and request equipment/services with the same account?

Yes, absolutely!

What are the costs of joining Clustermarket?

Registering on Clustermarket is completely free with no hidden fees. There are also no fees for offering or requesting equipment and services. Clustermarket only charges the customer a small commission fee when going into an agreement with an external provider for running the platform. For academics, all internal activities are also free of charge.

Does Clustermarket provide “demo” accounts to explore and test the platform?

Clustermarket is happy to set up a “demo” account for you. We can also visit your organisation to personally talk through how Clustermarket can benefit your company or university. Please contact info@clustemarket.com and we will be in touch shortly.