Who must pay the service fee and how much is it?

Clustermarket charges the customer a small service fee (up to 10%) based on the overall transaction amount (excluding VAT), which is always disclosed in the invoice.  This fee applies solely to transactions between two different organisations. Any activity within your organisation is free of charge.

The fee is used for maintenance and further development of the platform, handling the payment processing and general customer service.

Fee structure:
Transaction value Clustermarket fee
£0 - £999 10.00%
£1,000 - £4,999 5.00%
£5,000 - £9,999 2.50%
> £10,000 2.00%

When do I have to pay (only for external activities)?

When you receive a provider’s pre-approval or quote, you will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions and make a payment either via the secure payment gateway or bank transfer. You are never obliged to pay when you make an initial request unless it is an “instant booking” and no pre-approval from the provider is needed.

Why must the payment be handled by Clustermarket (only for external activities)?

Clustermarket wants to make sure the payment is secure and arrives on time without any delays as a result of possible administrative procedures. Please be aware that the payment must be transferred via Clustermarket, otherwise, neither the payment nor any potential refunds can be guaranteed.

What payment methods does Clustermarket accept (only for external activities)?

Via the secure payment gateway, you will be able to pay by debit or credit card. Clustermarket also accepts payments via traditional invoicing (bank transfer). You will find Clustermarket’s bank and account details when you receive the quote, pre-approval from the provider and/or on the invoice.

How does the payment process work, is it secure (just for transactions between two different organisations)?

The customer pays Clustermarket the full price plus a small service fee in advance (if the renting period is longer than 30 days, you pay the rental price plus a small service fee for 30 days in advance). Clustermarket will hold on to the money until the end of the sharing process or the service has been completed. Then the money will be released to the provider.

As a result, the provider is guaranteed to receive the payment on time and the customer can be certain of the equipment or service’s performance.

Do I have to raise a purchase order (PO) for the provider?

Clustermarket automatically raises a PO for the provider when you make a payment. The PO is based on the quote that the provider created on Clustermarket.

Where can I find the PO?

The PO can be downloaded by the provider as a PDF under “Received Bookings” and “Received Orders” (sidebar) in the “Action” column or at the bottom of each “Received Bookings” and “Received Orders” detail page.

I want to cancel my upcoming booking. Do I still have to pay as a customer?

Once you have paid, Clustermarket’s service fee is no longer refundable. You might be eligible for a full or partial refund of the rental fee depending on the provider’s cancellation policy and time left until the start of your booking.

I want to cancel an upcoming booking as a provider. What will happen next?

If you have to cancel an upcoming booking, you may receive a permanent review by Clustermarket stating that you have cancelled an upcoming booking. You have the right to comment on the review and explain the reason for the cancellation. For the cancelled booking time, you will not be able to receive any new bookings.