Fetch.AI partners with Clustermarket to improve the allocation of scientific equipment across the UK


Fetch.AI autonomous agents have been created to maximise asset utilisation and provide personalised predictions for Clustermarket’s users and providers.

09th of October 2018, Cambridge, United Kingdom: Fetch.AI today announces that Clustermarket, an online sharing platform for scientific equipment and services, will deploy over 600 Fetch Autonomous Economic Agents. The agents will be deployed on Fetch.AI’s decentralised network but connected to Culstermarket’s online marketplace to improve how scientific equipment and services are booked and allocated across the UK.

Clustermarket is an online booking tool for basic and scarce scientific equipment and services that connects laboratories at institutions like Imperial College, UCL, King’s College and the University of Cambridge with scientists, companies and organisations that wish to use the machines or outsource experiments. The platform is the largest in the UK and works with many leading biotechnology and life sciences firms. 

We have hundreds of autonomous agents representing equipment and scheduling on the Fetch.AI test net.  These autonomous agents are helping both users and laboratories to improve utilisation of lab resources.


For Clustermarket users that wish to make bookings and requests, Fetch agents will be  providing personalised recommendations of very specific equipment and services that may aide their research based on previous requests and bookings. This helps life sciences companies find the assets they need whilst increasing bookings through the Clustermarket platform.

For providers of lab equipment, the agents are able to help make recommendations to ensure frictionless uploading of the instruments and services. Over time, the agents will also ensure the optimum availability and a fair renting fee that could be achieved for their resources. The goal is to dynamically automate the allocation of the resources to projects and teams that require them based on the provider’s preferences.

Johannes Solzbach, CEO at Clustermarket commented: “This is AI in action that’s improving the efficiency, and therefore value, of the UK’s available scientific lab equipment. Both sides of our marketplace are seeing gains today as users will find it much easier to locate the machine they need whilst it enables laboratories to manage more bookings. Scientific equipment is a limited resource and deploying AI that maximises its use provides incremental gains for everyone.”

“Supporting Clustermarket and their customers with our technology will provide researchers and their organizations with more flexible method of utilising faster and more reliable access to the critical infrastructure and services required for their objectives.” Added Humayun Sheikh, CEO Fetch.AI. He continued: “This is one of the first deployments of Fetch agents and demonstrates a primary benefit of our network: maximising the value of assets. By twinning an agent with an asset, be it a life sciences scanner, a hotel room or a seat on an aircraft, it’s possible to unlock significant additional value by enabling it to ‘represent itself’. Agents on our network can sell services, handle bookings and solve a range of problems autonomously.” 

Fetch has worked with Clustermarket to develop over 600 simple autonomous agents that will help to yield valuable predictions across its marketplace. The agents are not visible to users, working and communicating in the background, to deliver valuable insights. The deployment follows Fetch’s partnership with wi-Q Technologies that sees the hospitality technology firm integrate agents for personalised recommendations across hotel chains.

About Clustermarket

Clustermarket is an online marketplace helping scientists to get easy and affordable access to equipment and services they need for their research. Universities, other research institutions, and businesses offer the equipment and services listed on Clustermarket. The London-based company aims to foster innovation by supporting collaboration and enhancing transparency between academia and industry. Existing resources can be used more efficiently; hence research becomes more affordable and less time consuming.

About Fetch.AI

Fetch.AI provides the next-generation, digital trading platform where AEAs representing individuals and their assets, product manufacturers and service providers can find each other, interact and execute unsupervised economic transactions. They operate in pairs or as collaborative, multiple parties to construct solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s complex problems.

Adaptive, self-organising Machine Intelligence is at the heart of Fetch.AI’s decentralised network. It delivers the proactive search for solutions and the promotion of supply or excess capacity with actionable predictions and constantly-evolving trust information. It enables friction-free, autonomous value exchange to make consumers’ lives easier and to optimise product & service provider operating structures.

Powered by innovations such as the world’s first ‘Smart Ledger’, Fetch is the missing, critical infrastructure for emerging market places and future economies.